Thursday, September 16, 2010

Explosives Storage Facility, Greenvale / Roxburgh Park. There's some great history about the place here: (RANAD Someton)
I got there by following a path/road that leads across the paddocks at the corner of James Miriams Dve and Aitken Blvd, Roxburgh Park. There's a lot of buildings spread over a wide area. I took my bike and rode around in there which made it a lot easier. If I go by the numbers on the front of the buildings, there's roughly 16 main shacks and a few little one's in total. Some are just simple timber ones, while some of the smaller ones are sturdy brick constructions. It's an unusual place - not much to see inside the buildings but was fun to ride around. There was also lot's of cows wandering around in there which was a strange site.