Sunday, December 5, 2010

SBA Foods, 65 Kyle Rd, Altona North. This is a huge site. There's a 3 storey office building next to the main gate. Take a torch because the lower levels are pretty dark. There's a few smaller buildings that run down Kyle Rd. one of them was a "direct to public" wholesale store. And there's another 2 buildings out in the paddock. From what I've been told the old skeletal building out the back was the former abattoir. I love when you peek around a corner and it's not what your expecting. Like the small shed / building near the wholesale store. I was expecting just some boring storage shed, but when I looked in I was suprised to see that it dropped down another level into this strange drainage system. It's a bit hard to show you the place with just 6 pics, but there's some more history "here" (it was also known as Gilbertsons Meat Processing Complex).