Sunday, January 8, 2012

OK here we go again for 2012. Due to the problem I had with a previous post I've decided to break up the address of locations by using letters, numbers, and broken words so that (hopefully) it doesn't show up in search engine searches. So here we go:

Former g1ass b0tt1e works factory, twenty B00 ker st. Sp0t w00d. (next door to sc1encew0rks). This place is pretty hard to get into but well worth the effort. It's massive! There's a few large sheds with beautiful textures of flaking paint, timber and steel work. Take a mask because there is asbestos present. Above the gatehouse it goes up about 3 levels. There's office space, kitchen area, change room and so on. Down along Simc 0ck Ave. on the upper levels there seems to be a whole lot of self contained units where perhaps workers stayed on site. There's not much in terms of machinery, but there were a couple of large long oven / dryer type things in one of the sheds. The site is being cleaned up at the moment, but It seems to have been empty for some time as I came across a couple old pvsn pieces from '05. There's more info on the site "here".