Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kiosk and Toilet block, down the end of North Wharf (Docklands). I'll call it 'Shed 6' because it had a big six on it. Anyways, not much to see. It was a bit hard to get into and I wouldn't recommend it because it looks like someone is living there. I couldn't get into the kiosk and toilet part, but there's an upstairs area which had just one large open space and a smaller room off to the side. At the bottom of one stair case was another small room which might have been a wash room. It's a good spot if you want to get some pics of the actual building and have a look at the condemned wharf area. There's a lot to see out at the docks (if you like abandoned stuff) otherwise it's a shit hole. I'll post some more pics in the coming days.