Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sorry folks, just been busy with xmas stuff and all that.
B4nksi4 Sec0ndary C011ege, 2three0 B4nksi4 St Be11fie1d (around 1vanh0e / Hiede1berg area). OK so I finally made it down there (better late than never). This place has been on the news a couple times in 2012 due to idiots trying to burn it down. This would have to be the biggest abando sch00l complex I have ever walked around in. There's 3 storeys of class rooms, 2 large gym areas,  office area, and small library which is seperate from the main building. Hours of fun walking around. And if that isn't enough for you. Head across the road to Be11fie1d Prim4ry sch00l. It's only set out over one level but there's more of the same.