Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sorry people, I haven't had much luck this month getting into any places.
But I thought I'd post where I've been, and maybe you might have more luck than I did.

I'll start with -
55six H1gh St Prest0n. Small 2 or 3 level office building with a rooftop terrace. If you look through the front you can see that people have been in there. Around the back looks like there might have been a fire. But it's well locked up. While you're there, about 5 doors down (next to the medical clinic) there's an abando car yard (not much to see)

12seven Nich0ls0n St. E4st Brunsw1ck. (or go around the back -J0hn St.). Huge site, there's info about it here.
I went down the end of G4mble St and had a look over the brick fence. I could see graff inside, so there have been others in there.

Corner of The Gr0ve and De C4rle St. C0burg. Former Tafe. Multiple levels and multiple buildings. Again I could see some scribble on the walls inside but it was fairly well locked up.
Thanks H for the spot.

Don't know the number, but it's down the end of Eg4n St. C4rnegie. Warehouse /Factory (The navy blue place at the end of the street) . If you look through the front door you can see graff inside. Thanks Grem for the spot.

Opposite 2 Br0adfie1d Rd. Br0admead0ws. Small Dep4rtment of D3f3nc3 building that's no longer in use. Would have been part of the army barracks that are / were there. Had a quick walk around the perimeter but it was locked up.

Corner of B1air St and Rigga11 St. Br0admead0ws. Former Ericss0n factory. It's been vacant for years, but I don't know if there's a tight security presence or what. It looks pristine. I know there was a small section set up for a clothing factory outlet on the ground level. Maybe other parts may still be used by other businesses - I don't know. Anyways you cant miss it, it's a huge 5 or 6 storey building on the corner, and factory area along B1air St.

Anyways ... Happy exploring :)