Saturday, February 1, 2014

Motel, corner of P3rry St. and H3id31b3rg Rd. F4irfie1d. Sorry for the amount of pics, I just couldn't narrow it down to my usual 5 or 6. Hopefully you can still get in. I've noticed they've boarded up a couple holes in the fence because some scavengers had started to loot the place. It was in pristine condition when I was there, not sure what it's like now. There's about 50 rooms of various sizes, a lot are locked up, as well as kitchen, dining, bar, conference rooms, etc. Their website is still up if you want to have a look - J1K4.C0M.4U. There's a planning application to turn the whole site into apartments, as you'd expect. Yeah and there's also a weatherboard house next to it that's part of the development, but I never went in there.