Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sorry folks, not much has been happening this month. 
I was sent a few locations. I'm not sure if they're still there, so don't go out of your way. I filtered out the ones from my side of town that are gone now, but you're welcome to have a look at the ones on the other side of town if you're from out that way.

-Sch00l, 2six Ath0l Rd N0b1e P4rk
-? 1six St.He1iers St Abb0tsf0rd (I know this is still there, but whether you can get in or not is another story)
-Sch00l, 1seven Wirr4w4y St M0e
-Sch00l? 4two9 Princ3s Hwy C0lac
-Sch00l, 2zero4 Vict0ria St Ba11arat East
-? 2 Br0wns Rd C1ayt0n
-Sch00l C4mp, 1five P0int L0nsda1e Rd P0int L0nsda1e
-Sch00l, 2five R0wan Dr D0vet0n