Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bakery, down the end of Eg4n St. C4rn3gi3. First 3 pics (top down) are of the bakery - There's a few big rooms to explore as well as some small ones. There was a small office area upstairs down the back and some ovens and other machinery to have a look at.
Last 3 pics (bottom up) - are of an office building which is right next to the bakery but faces onto Princ3s Hwy. Not sure if it's still accessible as it looked like it was being fixed up. Anyways there wasn't much to see. On the top level was a bunch of desks / office space, and on the ground level just a few different rooms with nothing in them. However there was a cool curved wall in one space. Shame I didn't have my bike with me, would've been good for some wall rides. Thanks "Grem".

Also, You might as well have a look at this one while you're there, it's right next door (click here). I was surprised to see it just left wide open, and the powers not on anymore so take a torch.