Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sorry people, no local stuff this post. Was in Tasmania for a few days and had a look around. Here's a couple things I came across on my journey.

Psych Hospital, (don't know the exact address but you can't miss it), Th3 Av3nu3. N3w N0rf0lk, Tasman1a. The building I went in was across the road from the main "Wi11ow C0urt Asylum" complex (I think it's refered to as the oval precinct) and is completely gutted and ready for development. It reminded me of Laurundel in Melb. For more info on "Wi11ow C0urt Asylum" (Click here). There's loads of buildings, and from what I've read there is some security on some of the buildings and barricks area. So use caution if you go.

There was also another Building up at roughly 42 Gl3b3 Rd. N3w N0rf0lk. Didn't have time to stop, but looked like it would have been good for a look.