Saturday, August 1, 2015

0ffice building (soon to be apartments), onefive G0rd0n St. Elsternw1ck. Supposedly it was some film processing place. It's 3 levels with lots of rooms to explore. The basement is very dark so take a torch. At ground level there seems to be some big bath where maybe they rinsed film, as well as a few dark rooms (no longer dark) with weird revolving doors. Upstairs has a couple small cinema spaces and some office space. There's also access to the roof but there's nothing to see. Thanks J1zza for this spot, was an awesome find.
Wareh0use, 5four5 H1gh St. Prest0n. It used to be a bike shop but was closed due to a fire. It's just one large open space with a few small spaces off it. There's some great textures on the walls if you're into that stuff. All I ask is, if you go for a look use the string to lock it up again (unless someone has thrown it away).
Acc0mm0dation, 5five6 H1gh St. Prest0n. I've posted this spot once before in my unsuccessful adventures. The front door has been left open for a couple weeks, but I'm not sure if you can get in anymore. I drove past yesterday and it looked like it was closed. You can give it a try if you're visiting the other spot. Anyways I always thought this building was just office space but it turns out it was housing for disadvantaged people. There's 20+ rooms (small 'studio' type apartments) over two levels. The whole place is trashed. There's a rooftop terrace with a good view of the city, but it was a crappy day when I was there. Also the basement / carpark is very dark so take a torch. Worth the effort if you can get in.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fact0ry, four Raym0nd St. Lavert0n Nth. Not completely abandoned as it's still used as a storage spot for tanned hides. There's not a great deal to see. Just 2 large sheds full of smelly cow skins with a couple small rooms off that. There's also a 2 level office area that is pretty well smashed up.

Sch00l, 4six M0unt V1ew Rd. B0r0nia. Not sure if it's still there as it's been in the media a lot and it was due for demolition. But it's an amazing place to visit. There's just so many rooms to look in. And there's loads of stuff that's been left behind, you'll spend a couple of hours walking around in there. Thanks "Tyson" for the heads up. Check out his insta (here).

Hours of fun - just type in "trains and bogans"