Monday, February 1, 2016

Factory, 5zero B4kers Rd. Nth. C0burg. Used to be the "T0ntine" factory. They're in the process of demolishing it, (could take a while because there's a fair bit of asbestos to get rid of) but there's still a fair bit to see. There's multiple buildings and plenty of little rooms and office space to explore. Worth checking out before it's all gone.

For those not familiar with "Hauschka" he has some interesting music and video's. If you want, check out the track "Radar", that's a pretty good clip as well.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Here's an xmas present for any followers.

B4tm4n Aut0 C0llege. Multiple buildings down the end of Ch4rles St. C0burg Nth. (near train line).  This place used to be alarmed and well boarded up, but it seems to have been left to ruin now. There's four or five decent sized buildings to explore. There's too much to sum up in 7 pics. I should make a small y0utube movie, it's been a while since I've made one of those. Anyways, it's well worth a look if you can make it out that way. I've also been told that sometimes the police train their dogs out there on weekends, but I've never had any trouble.

Have a good xmas, stay safe, and happy exploring. Hopefully I'll have something for you at the start of Feburary.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Warehouse, down the end of Rick4rd St. or G4mble St. E4st Brun5wick is the best access points. I've posted this once before in my unsuccessful attempts ( but access is really easy now. It's quiet a large place and full of building materials, furniture, and shop fit out stuff. I couldn't get into the office area from the warehouse part, but I'm sure if you use your brain you'll be able to get in there. Worth a look if you're out that way.
Went to have a look at the old fruit and veg market on D0cklands Hwy or F00tscray Rd (whatever you want to call it) in W3st M3lb. But there was a security car up the top end and a work van in the middle bit, so I didn't go in. But right down the end of the service road (before it loops around under the freeway) I found this small building. The power was still on (if the lights were working) but there wasn't much in there, and a couple rooms were locked up. There was access to the shed opposite but I was too chicken to go any further that's why I've only got 3 pics.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

C4r hire / p4rking facility, 1five7 Mickleh4m Rd. Tu11amarine. It's a bit tricky to get into. There's two main buildings. I could only get into the back one (it's the bigger one when you look on maps). There's not a great deal to see, but in there you'll find - a large open space for storing cars I assume, as well as a fair amount of office space which adjoins the shed. For the graff heads - it looks like they buff stuff, so you might not want to waste your time painting down there, but that's up to you. Overall it's ok for a look if you're out that way.