Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's been a slack month.
Here's 2 spots I had no luck with getting in. But you can see that other people have been in there before. Maybe you'll have more luck than me.

Large site - two V4ugh4n Tce. Nth.Me1b
Small site - nine Arthurt0n Rd. N0rthc0te
Shopfr0nt / w0rkshop, 2three7 H1gh St. Prest0n. Don't know if it's still accessible because this place is usually well locked up. But I was in the right place at the right time and had a look around. There's not that much to see. Just a couple medium sized rooms out the back, and a showroom at the front. The place next door to this one is inhabited by some Islamic school / centre, but then there's another 3 or 4 shop fronts next to that, that are empty as well. I had no luck getting into them, but maybe you might.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Warehouse 4five7 H0ddle St. Clift0n Hi11. The whole factory block seems to be empty but I could only get into the old part that's had the roof ripped off. There's not much to see really. It's just one big room with a small mezzanine area. But it's good to see that they're saving the old timber skeleton. I managed to stick my camera through a hole in the wall to the adjoining factory (pic of the lonesome cherry picker) but you can see more of what's going on in that building if you look through the front door.
A couple of new pieces. One was down at the powerhouse in Geelong. Thanks Ian for the spot-

Building  4zero5 High St. Th0rnbury. Wouldn't go out of my way for this one. Most of it has been demolished but you can get some good pics of the destruction if you want.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

House, 5five G0ldsmith St. Elw00d. Large house with multiple rooms. I've been told it was a boarding house. It's single storey at the front and double at the back. The house next door (the one to the right shown in the pic at the back of the house) is also empty, but I had no luck getting in there. Thanks Jizza for the heads up.
Recent piece done with "Gram". Big thanks to Gram for doing 99% of the background. I suck at that sort of stuff.