Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fact0ry, four Raym0nd St. Lavert0n Nth. Not completely abandoned as it's still used as a storage spot for tanned hides. There's not a great deal to see. Just 2 large sheds full of smelly cow skins with a couple small rooms off that. There's also a 2 level office area that is pretty well smashed up.

Sch00l, 4six M0unt V1ew Rd. B0r0nia. Not sure if it's still there as it's been in the media a lot and it was due for demolition. But it's an amazing place to visit. There's just so many rooms to look in. And there's loads of stuff that's been left behind, you'll spend a couple of hours walking around in there. Thanks "Tyson" for the heads up. Check out his insta (here).

Hours of fun - just type in "trains and bogans"
Sh0pfront, (I think it's) 6three8 Qu33nsb3rry St. Nth. Melb. Not really an abando as it looks like they're fixing it up. It's only a small place. 2 small rooms upstairs, and 2 small rooms downstairs. There's also a creepy cellar under the building. The building next door (to the left) is also accessible and is being fixed up as well.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Sorry Folks,
Got nothing for you this month. Just been busy with life.
Thanks to the people who sent me some locations, I just haven't had time to get out there. I'll try get back on track and have something for you next month.
Stay safe... 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's been a slack month.
Here's 2 spots I had no luck with getting in. But you can see that other people have been in there before. Maybe you'll have more luck than me.

Large site - two V4ugh4n Tce. Nth.Me1b
Small site - nine Arthurt0n Rd. N0rthc0te