Sunday, March 1, 2015

House, 5five G0ldsmith St. Elw00d. Large house with multiple rooms. I've been told it was a boarding house. It's single storey at the front and double at the back. The house next door (the one to the right shown in the pic at the back of the house) is also empty, but I had no luck getting in there. Thanks Jizza for the heads up.
Recent piece done with "Gram". Big thanks to Gram for doing 99% of the background. I suck at that sort of stuff.
Sh0pfront, corner of P1enty Rd and W00d St, Prest0n. It used to be a liquor shop (if you can't tell by the sign on the front) and can be a bit tricky to get into. Not much to see, just one large space with a few small dark rooms off to the side. There's also the old pharmacy on the other corner, but I wouldn't waste my time with that one. It's just one room, and the stairs are gone for access to the upstairs area.
Hamburger with "a lot".
A LOT of what????

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Factory, 11fourfour N3p3an Hwy. High3tt. Huge factory and office site. I seen on another urbex site that it was a document disposal / storage place (security corp). Unfortunately I was a bit late on the scene for this one and the lights were out on the lower levels, so I didn't get any good pics of that area (take a torch). Supposedly it's due for demolition soon but I didn't see any heavy equipment there, so hopefully it lasts a bit longer. Thanks "Jamie" for getting me off my arse to have a look at this one, it was well worth while.
Came across some Chinglish at work.
... Man that's deep and meaningful, but I just wanna open the box.
Aged care, 2six Fernhi11 Rd. S4ndringh4m. This has been vacant for a long time. I went once before but it was well locked up. Thanks "Jamie" for letting me know it was accessible again. It's pretty dark in spots because the windows are boarded up, and it's a bit of a maze. There's a whole bunch of rooms and a small upstairs area.