Saturday, November 1, 2014

Shop front, 9five H01mes St. Brun5wick. Just one large space divided into 2 rooms. I was loving the patchwork of textures on the walls. There's another shop front next door (the red one) that's also accessible but you need to be skinny and agile to get in.
Cafe' on corner of Brun5wick St. and K3rr St. Fitzr0y. Don't know if you can still get into this one, but you can give one of the doors or windows a nudge and see if it opens. Not really much to see, just the dining area, small kitchen and bar, and toilets.
Recent piece done with some friends. Thanks Keen and Gram for the spot. You can check out Gram's blog for more of his slick pieces (click here).

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Factory corner of Decc0 Dve. and Sydn3y Rd. C4mpbe11fie1d. It's pretty trashed but there's a few buildings to explore. At the front of the site is an office area that breaks into 2 levels. Out the back is a large shed with a number of rooms and a couple small upstairs areas. Out the back of the main shed is another small shed with a bunch of junk in it. If you're out that way you might as well have a look at the post below, it's a few doors down.
Office, roughly one5zero9 Sydn3y Rd. C4mpbe11fie1d. Not much to see. It's only a small office building comprising of one large room and a few tiny office spaces leading off it. There is more office space behind it and a large warehouse but that was well locked up and I only went in the front bit. Anyways you can have a look if you're visiting the post above.
Bakery, down the end of Eg4n St. C4rn3gi3. First 3 pics (top down) are of the bakery - There's a few big rooms to explore as well as some small ones. There was a small office area upstairs down the back and some ovens and other machinery to have a look at.
Last 3 pics (bottom up) - are of an office building which is right next to the bakery but faces onto Princ3s Hwy. Not sure if it's still accessible as it looked like it was being fixed up. Anyways there wasn't much to see. On the top level was a bunch of desks / office space, and on the ground level just a few different rooms with nothing in them. However there was a cool curved wall in one space. Shame I didn't have my bike with me, would've been good for some wall rides. Thanks "Grem".

Also, You might as well have a look at this one while you're there, it's right next door (click here). I was surprised to see it just left wide open, and the powers not on anymore so take a torch.
Don't go out of your way for this one. Five6 St.Ge0rges Rd. N0rthc0te. It was nearly completely gutted by the time I got there, and there was only 2 rooms. But I thought I'd post some pics anyway.