Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Multiple buildings located near crn M0re1and St. and Nei1s0n Pl. F00tscray. Awesome spot for a wonder around. There's a number of buildings to explore on different sites. There are 4 main sites in that area to have a look at. The best ones were the footwear place and the car dealership. Thanks "Mon" for the heads up.
Wareh0use. 1zero1 L0thi4n St. Nth Melb. I was asked to do something for the "Last Breath Project". It was sort of like an "empty show" where a whole bunch of artists come in and reclaim a space. There's just 2 main rooms with a couple smaller rooms off to the side. Above are some pics of some of the art works. I did the old lady and pram installation. Hopefully you can still get in, so go down and have a look before it's gone for good.
I think it was a Foundry? Opposite 4four4 S0mervi11e Rd. T0ttenh4m (right next to freight line). Has 3 main rooms on the lower level. Two of them are a bit dark and moody. Upstairs is a whole bunch of industrial looking machinery and other stuff. Overall not that much to see.
Car Yard. five9zero Gee10ng Rd. Br00k1yn. This place has been vacant for ages, but if you're out having a look at the "Wormhole" you can pop in and say hi. There's not much to see, just one big shed out the back and some office space at the front.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sorry folks, not much has been happening this month. 
I was sent a few locations. I'm not sure if they're still there, so don't go out of your way. I filtered out the ones from my side of town that are gone now, but you're welcome to have a look at the ones on the other side of town if you're from out that way.

-Sch00l, 2six Ath0l Rd N0b1e P4rk
-? 1six St.He1iers St Abb0tsf0rd (I know this is still there, but whether you can get in or not is another story)
-Sch00l, 1seven Wirr4w4y St M0e
-Sch00l? 4two9 Princ3s Hwy C0lac
-Sch00l, 2zero4 Vict0ria St Ba11arat East
-? 2 Br0wns Rd C1ayt0n
-Sch00l C4mp, 1five P0int L0nsda1e Rd P0int L0nsda1e
-Sch00l, 2five R0wan Dr D0vet0n
T4F3, From the crn of D4ws0n and Char1es St C0burg Nth all the way down to the train line. Was formerly the B4tm4n Aut0 T4F3. It's a pretty large complex with multiple buildings spread over a vast area. I found out the hard way that there is an alarm system working (well at least in building A). So the couple of pics of the inside were taken through the window.
Found an abando house (don't worry it's not worth going to). But it had some fancy wall paper and I thought I'd add to it.