Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sorry people, no local stuff this post. Was in Tasmania for a few days and had a look around. Here's a couple things I came across on my journey.

Psych Hospital, (don't know the exact address but you can't miss it), Th3 Av3nu3. N3w N0rf0lk, Tasman1a. The building I went in was across the road from the main "Wi11ow C0urt Asylum" complex (I think it's refered to as the oval precinct) and is completely gutted and ready for development. It reminded me of Laurundel in Melb. For more info on "Wi11ow C0urt Asylum" (Click here). There's loads of buildings, and from what I've read there is some security on some of the buildings and barricks area. So use caution if you go.

There was also another Building up at roughly 42 Gl3b3 Rd. N3w N0rf0lk. Didn't have time to stop, but looked like it would have been good for a look.
House, 88 N0rth Fent0n St. Davenp0rt, Tasman1a. There's not much in Davenp0rt, but i came across this house while wandering around. Not much to see, just a simple 3 bedroom home.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

0ffice building, one Rathd0wne St. Carlt0n. Not sure if it's still accessible as I went there a few weeks ago, but you can give it a try. It's quiet a large place with loads of rooms, it even goes over into the adjoining building that runs along Vict0ria St. There's 2 levels of office space (the power is still on), as well as a basement carpark area. Up the top there's a small plant room with access to the roof, but there's not much to see from the roof as you're only about 3 levels above the ground and the other buildings tower around you. Use caution as there are some squatters (probably best to go during the day when they're not home).
Wareh0use, thirteen D4vid St. Richm0nd. Not much to see, roughly 3 largeish spaces and that's it. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

0ffice building (soon to be apartments), onefive G0rd0n St. Elsternw1ck. Supposedly it was some film processing place. It's 3 levels with lots of rooms to explore. The basement is very dark so take a torch. At ground level there seems to be some big bath where maybe they rinsed film, as well as a few dark rooms (no longer dark) with weird revolving doors. Upstairs has a couple small cinema spaces and some office space. There's also access to the roof but there's nothing to see. Thanks J1zza for this spot, was an awesome find.
Wareh0use, 5four5 H1gh St. Prest0n. It used to be a bike shop but was closed due to a fire. It's just one large open space with a few small spaces off it. There's some great textures on the walls if you're into that stuff. All I ask is, if you go for a look use the string to lock it up again (unless someone has thrown it away).